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Solo Travel in India.

Picture from this site. A couple of months ago, I reposted a blog post from Shivya of The Shooting Star. She wrote about her travelling experiences in India, and I was rather intrigued. Naturally, I was willing to explore the … Continue reading

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Taking the CELTA.

My books for CELTA. I think I have issues with grammar. CELTA, a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults. Please read the Wikipedia page for a bare bones explanation of the course. I always wanted to work in another … Continue reading

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timetravelturtle’s guide to Myanmar.

…And it’s very useful if you are planning a trip to Myanmar for the first time! Please see his entry and the rest of his blog at the link provided in this sentence. You betcha I’m studying this religiously!

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I am usually the one lifting eyebrows when I tell people that I will be travelling to X country on my own. The words ‘on my own’ will not be digested properly by the listener and it will be usually … Continue reading

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The European Tour Lust List

I confess I obtained most of my knowledge of Europe’s geography from a game I played when I was a girl. A ship’s captain in Uncharted Waters sails around Europe (mostly trading trips for me) before going to Africa, India … Continue reading

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Applying for the Burmese Tourist Visa.

My tourist visa for Myanmar! One thing I like about my status as a Singaporean citizen is my passport. It’s awesome – I don’t have to apply in advance for a tourist visa for most of the countries I visit. … Continue reading

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On Monday, I ended a beautiful yet painful long distance relationship. Le ex-Boyfriend was possibly the most gentle guy I had ever dated. BUT, it seems that the best is yet to be, and I could probably do better than … Continue reading

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