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Burma, the Crossroads between India and China.

I confess: as a graduate of the Southeast Asian Studies department at the National University of Singapore, Myanmar has never been on my radar. I was more enamoured with the Philippines and Indonesia. My curiosity about the country was only … Continue reading

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The Shwedagon.

Honestly, I felt the people at the Shwedagon Pagoda was more interesting than the structure. Don’t get me wrong. It’s absolutely gorgeous, but sometimes looking at too much gold can hurt. Very, very shiny. All made of gold. Shwedagon Pagoda … Continue reading

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Circle Line, Yangon Style.

If I had all the time in the world, I would travel by train to everywhere. The rhythmic crank-rumble sound from the tracks and the movements of the train can get quite soothing. Being on a train allows me to … Continue reading

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Life in Yangon.

Baggage tag to Yangon. I have returned from a 4-day trip in Yangon. The city reminds me of Phnom Penh, Cambodia (the city centre) and Yogyakarta, Indonesia. In Yangon, I crossed the road like it belonged to my grandfather – … Continue reading

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timetravelturtle’s guide to Myanmar.

…And it’s very useful if you are planning a trip to Myanmar for the first time! Please see his entry and the rest of his blog at the link provided in this sentence. You betcha I’m studying this religiously!

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I am usually the one lifting eyebrows when I tell people that I will be travelling to X country on my own. The words ‘on my own’ will not be digested properly by the listener and it will be usually … Continue reading

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Applying for the Burmese Tourist Visa.

My tourist visa for Myanmar! One thing I like about my status as a Singaporean citizen is my passport. It’s awesome – I don’t have to apply in advance for a tourist visa for most of the countries I visit. … Continue reading

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