Therese is a thirty-something who got infected by the travel bug. She wants to travel the world before she gets saddled with any commitments (kids, husband and loan payments for a flat, for example) but the only person who wants to travel on her dates is her mother.

Her mother’s idea of a travel vacation is one organised by the travel agents, complete with bad food and 4-star hotels.

But Therese is allergic to travel agents. So what is a damsel to do?

She does research on the Internet, reads other travel blogs and books air tickets to somewhere. She’s not very sure where yet. She will let you know here. After the deed has been done.

Here is a picture of her. In South Korea. In 15 degree Celsius weather (excluding windchill).


As Therese was born and bred in Singapore, she is a little reluctant to travel to anywhere with temperatures below -25 degree Celsius. It is above 25 degree Celsius all year round in Singapore. Perhaps someday she will summon up the courage to face the ice so she can see the aurora borealis.

Therese can be contacted via email (therese [dot] yhchan [at] gmail.com – no spaces in between) or at her twitter account.


3 Responses to About

  1. Auddie says:

    GO SEE THE AURORA BOREALIS! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. I SAW IT IN FEB THIS YEAR 😀 cold is awesome haha. 😀 just wear proper clothes!

  2. Heiata Ld says:

    One day, you will come to my country, TAHITI in French Polynesia! 😉

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