Travelling in Business Class.

My doctor recommended to my travel insurance company that I travel back to Singapore on a seat which allowed me to stretch my legs out fully.

My travel insurance company bought a business class ticket back to Singapore for me the day I was discharged. I was to return to Singapore on the eve of Chinese New Year. I.E: Last minute air ticket bought during PEAK flying period in Asia.

I found myself booked in Lufthansa’s business class. I always thought I would fly in business class someday – maybe 20 or 30 years down the road when I have made it in life – but not now.

Flying business class is not going to be a regular thing in my life right now anyway.

 photo P1030524_zpsvre7b3dm.jpg
The Business Class lounge for passengers travelling on Lufthansa flights. Eat all you want here. There is a resting room and shower rooms.

I was booked on a A380-800, so I was ushered to the second floor of the plane. My first business class experience, and it was on a A380-800!

The plane was not full, so I got my own row.

 photo P1030525_zpszmmvwiqs.jpg
Wrapped up and watching a movie.

After the scare from that last flight, I made sure I walked around after every movie. I also told the air stewardess to wake me every three hours if I fell asleep. She was a little reluctant to do so, but really shook me awake after the third hour I fell asleep. I made myself walk around the business class portion of the plane – even if I had to stumble around like a zombie.

The service on Lufthansa is really good, and this is not just limited to the business class. The service in the economy class is also quite good.

I told one of the air stewardesses (she’s Thai) on the flight why I was so adamant about walking around every three hours. She was sympathetic, and came back with a pack of cards and a stuffed toy a few minutes after. I think it was to comfort me after spending my holiday in hospital.

 photo P1030526_zpsipqoixwa.jpg
This is how the people in business class eat breakfast.

In business class, the air stewardesses came around with glasses of water every hour. This was not seen in economy class. The food cart only came around twice during the flight.

Air stewardess: “Ma’am, do you want your table set?”
Business Class Noob (blinking): “Table set?” (looks around)
Air stewardess: “Yes, do you want it set?”
Business Class Noob: “Erm, no. Thank you. I am not hungry.”

I was not hungry the first time food came around on board the flight – I had eaten dinner in the lounge. I even took a banana from the lounge in case I got hungry during the flight – that was not necessary after all.

 photo P1030530_zps6py4ngzi.jpg
The controls

The seat is the main difference between business class and the economy class. Unlike in economy class where I had to manually push the chair backwards for an incline, I merely had to press the button to slide the chair into position I wanted.

I felt so pampered.

There was also a massage function on the chair. I didn’t use that much.

I am not sure how much that 12-hour flight cost my insurance company, but I probably would not be able to buy this out of my own pocket. However, it was a great experience.

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