Puducherry, Pondicherry, Pondy.

How many names do Indians have for their cities? I don’t really know.

Anyhow, Puducherry, Pondicherry and Pondy all refer to the same place in India – a former French colony.

This is a good town to walk around on foot. Some people speak French here. Many people speak English. Everything is all good here. There are tons of yoga ashrams in town. This is a chill-out kinda place. Stroll in and enjoy the views.

 photo P1030374_zpswe0jsyp5.jpg
A pedestrian-only street along the beach of Pondy. Vehicles are not allowed into this street between 8.30pm to 7.30am. (timings unconfirmed) We should have more of these in Singapore to encourage people to exercise!

 photo P1030361_zps48qertmm.jpg
A beach at Pondy. No sunbathing, please.

 photo P1030369_zpsacdwwz5p.jpg
Gandhi-ji by the beach

 photo P1030412_zpsntxqd1ti.jpg
At a photo exhibition depicting the involvement of India in World War I.

 photo P1030364_zpsee15w6ho.jpg

 photo P1030363_zpsmpp8yuhw.jpg

 photo P1030402_zpsawekwjzo.jpg

 photo P1030424_zpsinixu4ru.jpg

 photo P1030391_zpsezx7ah7w.jpg

 photo P1030411_zpsp7uk4lyh.jpg

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