Chennai and Mamallapuram.

Before my arrival in India, I had the impression that there was nothing to do in Chennai.

A friend’s father, Mr Chandra, proved me wrong.

The beach in Chennai, Marina Beach, is one of the longest beaches in India. This beach runs for 13 kilometres. I believe the locals just refer to it as Chennai Beach.

We did not stop to see this beach – just drove past it slowly. Mr Chandra said this beach will be crowded in the evenings.

 photo P1030275_zpsi9qlsouf.jpg

Chennai is home to the tomb of St. Thomas. His remains are at Basilica of the National Shrine of St.Thomas, or Santhome, for short.

 photo P1030287_zpssi3ellwt.jpg

 photo P1030293_zpsx7gf4tgv.jpg

 photo P1030291_zpsw7edct88.jpg

There is a museum next to the tomb which houses several important relics.

 photo P1030303_zps1eke0nxs.jpg
Get out! An actual relic used by St. Thomas!

 photo P1030302_zpsdsiuzryy.jpg
A relic used by St. Francis Xavier (left)

It was then a 2-hour drive to Mamallapuram. This town is 60 kilometres from Chennai.

Yeah, I know. I have not heard of this place before I came to Chennai! I couldn’t even pronounce it properly without my tongue tying up in knots. Please see Wikitravel page for more explanation.

Tickets to the 5 Rathas and the Shore Temple cost 250 INR.

First, we went to the 5 Rathas, a monument going back to the 7th century. The word “ratha” refers to chariots.

Each of these were carved out of whole stones.

 photo P1030314_zps6f3p8pqf.jpg

 photo P1030318_zpsoujagavc.jpg

 photo P1030328_zpswavciylv.jpg

 photo P1030330_zpspz4zfzxp.jpg

We went to the lighthouse and the carvings surrounding it are so beautiful!

 photo P1030340_zpsa8n6dkj3.jpg

 photo P1030348_zpsm1zllem8.jpg

The Shore Temple was something quite beautiful as well. The crows there were trying to fly into the sea wind, but they were not strong enough, so they were suspended in the sky. HAHA.

 photo P1030351_zpsmctflboc.jpg

 photo P1030358_zpsiqfafbzc.jpg

 photo P1030354_zpst64ttj9m.jpg

 photo P1030355_zpsmrvctzqj.jpg

 photo P1030356_zpsch98lo4p.jpg

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