Kottayam, and away to Chennai!

Kottayam in Kerala was my next stop. I was there to catch my night sleeper train to Chennai.

 photo P1030117_zpswwgistg2.jpg

 photo P1030114_zpszmbcocwl.jpg

Nevertheless, I tried to make good use of my time there by walking around on foot. It is a hot and dusty town, and I bought a cake of laundry soap which would serve me well for my stay in India.

This city is full of Orthodox churches.

 photo P1030125_zpsgt5yuwlp.jpg

 photo P1030124_zps9orgjhjt.jpg
The cathedral that Pope John Paul II visited.

 photo P1030118_zpsblpndvfl.jpg

I also went to the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary. To reach there, take a public bus from Baker’s Junction towards Kumarakom. The bus destinations are written in Malayalam at the top of the bus, so you will have to ask the locals to direct you to the correct bus. The public bus cost 13 INR.

The sign for the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is hidden behind this sign:

 photo P1030130_zpsb0iiiy8e.jpg

Behind the big sign for the (overpriced) resort, you will see this:

 photo P1030131_zpskdulskot.jpg

When I was there, it was a week before the nesting period for the birds. I did not see many birds.

 photo P1030145_zpsoo79wt1e.jpg
2 random purple herons. (if you can spot them)

 photo P1030156_zpswbedlxes.jpg

 photo P1030137_zps33mtenow.jpg
Motorised houseboat seen on the river beside the bird sanctuary.

Nevertheless, it was a nice morning walk.

I also went for an ayurvedic massage after the walk. Forget the overpriced resorts offering ayurvedic massages. Ask the locals at Kumarakom and they will point you towards an ayurveda massage centre located 10 minutes on foot from the bird sanctuary.

(I will update with details in a bit)

 photo P1030157_zpsgidjf401.jpg
The bus stand going towards Kottayam.

 photo P1030158_zpsiwd2woms.jpg
The hectic bus station at Kottayam.

I then took an auto to the train station to catch my overnight sleeper towards Chennai.

 photo P1030159_zpsgio7vksy.jpg
The train station at Kottayam.

 photo P1030169_zpsj3cmtvli.jpg
An advertisement in the train station.

I bought a lower side sleeper in the 2nd class AC car from the travel agency in Mustafa Centre in Singapore. (For your Indian travel needs, please go to Mustafa. The other agencies are sort of rubbish.)

To explain a bit, there are two kinds of sleepers in the 2nd class AC cars. There are the regular cabins with 4 beds, and the side sleepers. The lower side sleepers are seats for 2 people in the day, and can be converted to a single bed during the night. These side sleepers are located sideways on the aisle of the train cars.

 photo P1030170_zpsa4oxhzm5.jpg

My lower side sleeper looks like this.

After scratching my head and examining the orange levers (no instructions or help were given!) for a few minutes, I managed to turn it into a sleeper.

 photo P1030171_zps6d9bptoq.jpg

The trip was uneventful, except for the random crying kid and the passengers who got on the train at the station after ours. An elderly Indian lady got quite lost and got into someone else’s cabin. She insisted that she belonged to the cabin. It turned out that her cabin was in the next car.
Whole Indian families travel in this class together. If you cannot stand kids, please opt for 1st class AC.

 photo P1030172_zpsag2fi5d0.jpg
Chennai train station.

 photo P1030173_zps6rifqlly.jpg

And so, I arrived in Chennai.
Things in Tamilnadu are a lot more complicated than in Kerala.

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