Lazing it up in Fort Kochi, and a strike.

Indian food in Singapore will never taste the same for me again. Coming to South India has opened my taste buds to Indian food made in the manner that it should have been made.

Except for the highly suspicious prepaid taxi driver on the first day of my stay in India, nothing bad has happened to me so far.
A word of caution: decent male taxi drivers will not ask females to sit in the front with them, nor will they leave the passenger waiting in the car for five minutes while they stop by the roadside stall for some tea. They will also not propose to bring the solo female traveller to another hotel.

I arrived in Fort Kochi at midnight on 26 January 2015. A friend’s wedding was to happen in a week’s time and I decided to explore the state where she was born: Kerala.

Fort Kochi is a place where one can ease into the Indian culture and society gently. It is a place used to seeing tourists and one can find good western food as well as Indian food in the beach town.

 photo P1030022_zpsm8nkohze.jpg

 photo P1030028_zpss1i42vbd.jpg

 photo P1030027_zpsgbgqoftr.jpg

If you start the day early, you can probably visit all the attractions within one day and move on. I spent 2 days there because of a transportation strike – which meant that I could not go to another town. Nevertheless, I spent the extra day taking pictures of the artwork on the walls.

Strangely enough, Kerala has many pro-communist messages on the wall. Maybe it’s not so strange – most of the inhabitants in Kerala are poor but highly educated.

 photo P1020990_zpswn81gs9o.jpg

 photo P1030020_zpseuyt1tux.jpg

 photo P1030019_zpsizt90aey.jpg
A comment by the locals on fast food?

 photo P1030017_zpsuvhbofhq.jpg

 photo P1030015_zpsiiqypkdd.jpg
Inside the St. Francis Church in Fort Kochi

 photo P1030008_zpsnvphopfo.jpg
The Santa Cruz Basilica.

 photo P1030004_zpskzltwtt6.jpg

 photo P1020999_zpsayrq2bgg.jpg
The Synagogue in the Jew Quarters – a must go. This place has the history of the Jews in India on the walls.

 photo P1020996_zpsklticknj.jpg

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