Fresh Beer!

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Am I in Heathrow?

In order to save time, I took a bus from Hoi An to the airport in Da Nang. I was blown away by how much it looked like Heathrow in the United Kingdom.

I bought an air ticket which would bring me from Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh City (seriously, it’s easier to type “Saigon”. Is it politically incorrect to type “Saigon”?) for about USD$47. This journey took about one and a half hour. The same journey by land would take 22 hours and will cost around the same amount. I am not going to spend a whole day on the bus or the train.

 photo VietJetAir20mo20ban20ve20duong20bay20TpHCM20-20Bangkok_zpsyzqrylfs.jpg
I took the domestic budget airline: VietJet Air. Check out the air stewardesses’ uniform. I love those shoes but the shorts… well… All of the air stewardesses on my flight looked like pretty Korean girls.
Picture above taken from Vietnam Online.

I checked in and got past customs, and I saw this sign waving at me from a distance in the departure hall:

 photo P1020944_zpspo0dgfow.jpg

I made a beeline to the counter, and even took a picture of it because… damn… I missed my draft beer so much. Draft beer just tastes better.

When I got there… I realised… to my great disappointment… that they had draft beer, yes. But it was Tiger on tap. I remember being VERY VERY upset.

I dislike Tiger so much that between Tiger on tap and some other beer in a bottle, I would take the bottle. Tiger makes me burp so much.

You see, I am actually quite picky about my alcohol – if it is going to be bad for my body, I should choose to drink alcohol that I actually enjoy. If wine is available, I would pick wine. Then beer. Then hard liquor. In that order. The local wine in Vietnam (from Da’lat – be warned) was awful, so I went for beer.

Beer is very cheap in Vietnam – one bottle of Bia Hanoi/Bia Saigon/Biere Larue (depending if you were in the North, the South or Central Vietnam) cost about 20,000 VND (or USD$1).

Needless to say, I drank like a sailor (my late grandfather was a sailor, so I guess that justifies…?) while I was in Vietnam. I drank at least a bottle of beer everyday.

The local beers are light, fizzy and wheat-tasting beer (they are all bottled lagers) but they are not… DRAFT BEER.

If Bia Saigon and Bia Hanoi are made locally in Vietnam, where in Vietnam are these beers served on tap?

Vietnam, you need to sell your own beer on tap at your airport.
This Singaporean came to your country to drink your local beer, not to drink Singapore’s beer at your airport.


P.S: My VietJet Air flight was delayed by two hours because of bad weather. Do schedule a bit of buffer time when flying domestic in Vietnam.

P.P.S: The exterior of the airport in Da Nang looks like Singapore’s Changi Airport. Serious.

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