Hoi An

 photo P1020942_zps0a1aabbc.jpg

Hoi An is a very beautiful town. At the same time, it is rather strange.

You can find the Central Market by the river. It is a market common in Southeast Asia – there is much colour and chaos. Each stall has goods piled up to the ceiling.

Walk about 5 minutes southwards and you will find yourself in “Chinatown”, complete with Chinese shophouses and old Chinese family houses.

 photo P1020943_zps94e8219b.jpg
Along Hoi An’s walking street. No cars allowed in here.

 photo IMG_20150106_164345_zpsghoe3qhs.jpg

 photo P1020934_zps2b2bed0e.jpg
Shan Dong (a province in China) Restaurant and Inn – it says in Chinese characters at the side of a tailor shop.

Continue walking and cross the bridge (seen in the first picture of this post) and you will be back in Vietnam. This is where some locals live. There are also bars and a night market.

 photo IMG_20150106_171331_zpsyxi6buw1.jpg
Across the river, at a lantern shop

 photo P1020937_zps8125c1d7.jpg
Boats offering a ride along the river

The river is truly beautiful at night – the lanterns that Hoi An is famous for light up, the lamps beside the river also come to life and women sell lamps for you to float down the river.

This town is great for a relaxed 4 or 5 days. There is a beach nearby, and the town is easy to navigate with a map. Food is awesome. Bicycles can be rented for free from most hostels. The area near the river is full of annoying touts, but there is always the option of cycling further away from the river.

After spending half a day in My Son, I did not have enough time to explore Hoi An. 😦 I will have to come back here again.

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