S.E.A. Aquarium with A.

So, my current company is extremely family-friendly because it’s an education institution. (If its 10,000+ staff don’t procreate, who is going to attend school in the future?) It regularly gives free tickets to some tourist attraction in Singapore to the its staff.

Previously, it was heavily subsidised tickets to the Universal Studios Singapore. This time, I got a pair of tickets to the S.E.A. Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa. Since A the Strawberry was going to be in town (a stopover en route to Taiwan), I went to the Aquarium with her.

She was in Singapore for only 5 days so we were only able to find time to go on a Sunday.

Before the Aquarium proper, there was a small exhibition about sea journeys made in ancient times.

I was annoying the statues…

 photo P1020042_zpsc5aeeb06.jpg
“Excuse me, sir.” *poke poke*

and we each got a henna pattern on our arms.

 photo P1020045_zpsed7dcbec.jpg

We walked very slowly. A was peering at everything in the exhibition. I suppose the stuff on display was new to her since she grew up in London and had little exposure to Asian history. After about 45 minutes of wandering around the exhibition, we got to the queue for the Aquarium.

 photo P1020048_zps8d16af67.jpg
A cross-section of what the Ark might have looked like. I think. Or was it about animal trade in the Middle Ages?

 photo P1020050_zps618cf2ee.jpg
Queuing up to get into the Aquarium. It took us about an hour.

We had the foresight to bring our own drinks and snacks so we merely fished out our nibbles when we got bored of standing around in a queue. A small packet of nibbles cost S$4 in the Aquarium. Thank goodness for Giant Supermarket at Vivocity.

There were 3D displays and computer animated displays in the queue area – these are probably for kids (and some bored adults) while their family members/friends queued up to go into the Aquarium. I saw that the displays were pretty decent from a distance but I did not have the chance to have a look. The queue moved really quickly and we were in after our 4th selfie. I think.

Most of the Aquarium was a big blur to me so I will just post pictures. It was mostly OMG. SO PRETTY! as we wandered from tank to tank. We were in there for 3 hours before we got headaches. I think it is due to peering into thick glass all the time.

 photo P1020057_zps8e7129a5.jpg

 photo P1020067_zpsacaf3229.jpg

 photo P1020204_zps8c198e38.jpg

I believe the space we were occupying was actually underwater. Which probably contributed to my headache, and added to the cool factor. Or we were just hungry.

I was seeing lunch/dinner/sushi from the time I entered the Aquarium.

 photo P1020065_zps426baa27.jpg
One of the 180+ pictures I took in 3 hours. There are more pictures in the folder where it came from.

The highlight of the Aquarium had to be the world’s largest underwater viewing panel – the Ocean Dome. I am sure some other country will build an even larger one a few years from now but that’s a problem for people to think about a couple of years down the road.

 photo P1020141_zps665fd291.jpg

There are many people in this – it’s like an underwear camping spot. I can see why. It’s a good spot to people watch and stare blankly at sushi the fish.

 photo P1020165_zps9c69606e.jpg

 photo P1020147_zpsa67510b3.jpg
A sting ray shows its vulnerable underbelly to 200+ people in the Ocean Dome.

Before we left the Aquarium, we reach the Shark Tunnel. I call it thus because all the sharks were there. It was one of the main highlights of the place for A. (I honestly don’t know how many highlights she had in that place…) We tried to take selfies with a shark in the background, but this was the best I could come up with.

 photo P1020213_zps534c3df3.jpg
A wasn’t too pleased.

We tried several more times, but nothing seemed to work.

 photo P1020215_zps27966e20.jpg
Sorry, girl.

Because I adore this girl and I’m not too bad at Photoshop, I promised her that I would do this.

 photo P1020215_photobomb1_zps781526c7.jpg
Shark: normal sized

 photo P1020215_photobomb2_zps6b9c1cd1.jpg
Shark: Bigger now.

 photo P1020215_photobomb3_zps78fff49e.jpg
Shark:… Houston, we have a problem.

That was fun. 😀 I suppose she won’t mind having a range of shark sizes to choose from

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