Kite Fest 2013, Singapore.

It was a perfect Saturday. The sun was in the cloudless blue sky. It was certainly warm but I prefer the sun to the rain.

I am currently going through some rough times in my personal life and I am lucky to be surrounded by people who care. I am grateful for the attention they give to the needy me.

So E picks me to go on a short sailing trip with her. It turns out that this sailing trip is a 30-minute joy sail around the mouth of the Singapore River, sponsored by DBS. Interested parties have to register their interest online, and some lucky people will be picked by the staff/computer/machine/mathematical genius/I don’t know what-who-how each month. Each lucky person gets 4 tickets. I imagine that this would be a great and affordable (free!!) family activity to do.

 photo IMG_20130831_164414_zpsb278011b.jpg
First view of the Marina Bay area.

 photo IMG_20130831_175535_zps191dfe40.jpg

When I got to the tiny pier, I was struck by the sheer number of kites in the air – I did not know about the annual kite festival, I swear. I don’t go to that area very often because it is less inaccessible compared to rest of Singapore’s downtown area, and I don’t work in the central area of Singapore.

 photo IMG_20130831_170028_zpsb4381561.jpg
E and I.

 photo IMG_20130831_171149_zpsf4918654.jpg
Marina Bay Sands and the ArtScience Museum.

 photo IMG_20130831_170640_zps03caecfb.jpg
Squint and you may just be able to see the numerous number of small kites in the air. Kinda like Zerg airborne creatures.

Little trips like this make me appreciate my country more. Singapore is a very beautiful country (if you look at the right spots).

After snapping about 4926 pictures of the Bay area, I explored the Kite Festival. However, I cannot fly a kite to save my life (though I do love looking at kites) so I sat down to gaze at the kites already in the sky. And snapped more pictures.

 photo IMG_20130831_181329_zpsb3f8763b.jpg
I don’t want to put my truckload of pictures online, but this is probably one of the best pictures I took on Saturday.

Oh, what the hell. Here are a couple more. No filter! Saturday’s pictures have a lot of blue in them. Blue sky, blue sky scrapers… You get the drift.

 photo IMG_20130831_172941_zpscba00941.jpg

 photo IMG_20130831_170611_zpsf2c4e9d8.jpg

 photo IMG_20130831_171155_zps7cac5587.jpg

Act3 was at the kite festival too.

 photo IMG_20130831_174026_zpsd8cf66ef.jpg
This was taken after I peeked under their dresses and spied the stilts they were walking on.

 photo IMG_20130831_185429_zps05d35ad7.jpg
Circus acrobats from Melbourne.

Broke and in Singapore? It seems that it is still possible to have a fun day out without spending any money at all!

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