Solo Travel in India.

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A couple of months ago, I reposted a blog post from Shivya of The Shooting Star. She wrote about her travelling experiences in India, and I was rather intrigued. Naturally, I was willing to explore the possibility of me travelling in India.

I have had a couple of girls come up to me (in separate conversations) to say that they would interested to travel alone to India because they are fascinated by the culture and the River Ganges. These girls are independent travellers I had met while travelling. A few months ago, I would have encouraged them. But after the bad press India have been getting lately, I feel they should at least travel with a friend – no matter how troublesome that idea sounds. It would be difficult to travel alone in India if the individual is not of Indian origin.

Today, I read this article written by an exchange student from the University of Chicago on CNN. I wonder if my opinion on this matter should changed.

Right now, it seems daunting to even step into India because of these small percentage of men. Why do they do such things to women? All they are doing is making India look bad. When a place looks bad, the tourism sector slows down as foreigners shun the place. In turn, it slows down the (already slow) growth of the Indian economy and karma will come back to bite them in the ass. It always does.

The jury is still out on the safety of female travellers in India. At least, the jury in my head. I might travel in India only if my boyfriend comes with me. (Even so, I doubt he would – India is not on his travel list right now) This thought makes me feel very uncomfortable – to need my boyfriend to come along with me when I travel.

Maybe I should find Sampat Pal and her gang of pink saris so I would feel safe from the crazy 5% of Indian males.

Female solo travellers: what do you think about travelling in India?

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