The European Tour Lust List

I confess I obtained most of my knowledge of Europe’s geography from a game I played when I was a girl. A ship’s captain in Uncharted Waters sails around Europe (mostly trading trips for me) before going to Africa, India and Asia. When I went to Spain in February this year, I kept imagining the part of the map I was on. The map I used while playing the game.

Sorry for being such a geek. That game took up so much of my time while I was growing up. It probably influenced my travel habits.

Should I be a sailor? My late grandfather was one, complete with smoke pipe.

 photo IMG_20130517_214259_zps9c63f5c4.jpg

So anyway. My list.

#1: Bruges and Antwerp, Belgium

One day, my cousin, A the Strawberry (lives in the UK), sent a postcard to me (in Singapore) from Europe. To be more accurate, she sent it from Belgium. In this postcard, A the Strawberry urges me to pay a visit to this city because it’s beautiful! She also sent a box of chocolates from the city. They are to die for! I eat them on a bad day and feel little bursts of happy bubbles drift within me.

Apart from that country having (probably) the best chocolate in the world, I know nothing about it.

On the city’s wikitravel page, I gleaned the following information temptations:

  • It’s a small town for tourists
  • I would visit the church with the vial of Jesus’s blood in it
  • BEER! (enough said)

This looks like a day trip kind of place, especially from Antwerp. (Antwerp makes good ships in Unchartered Waters!)

Other places on this list are:

#2: The Aurora Borealis

 photo 800px-Aurora_Borealis_Alaska_zpsb5512f47.jpg
The source.
Okay, this is not really a place but it’s in Europe, no? On a related note, a stay in a glass igloo in Finland would be nice too. Maybe?

#3: Lisbon, Portugal

The next place on this list is related to the hours I spent playing Unchartered Waters.

My favourite character to play on that game was João Franco (a search on google throws up a real Portuguese politician in the late 19th century!) and I had always started from Lisbon.
 photo Lisbon19166_zps49ef3c01.jpg
Lisbon. Like WHOA. ♥ Image from here

Maybe after the economy improves. Things seem to be worse in Lisbon than in Madrid.

#4: Oslo, Norway

Picture from here.

I read Roald Dahl’s Boy (many times, cover to cover) as a girl and this urge to visit the Land of Wonderful Fish (as Roald Dahl had emphasized in his book) has never left me (even though I have lost my copy of Boy). I also met 3 awesome Norwegians over cups of “Purple Jesus” (probably some mistake I made while translating kanji) and deer nipping incidents (Nara, Kansai!) in Japan. They told me that Norwegians are cold (like their weather) on the outside but warm on the inside (like their houses). They drink way too much beer and coffee. Which suits me just fine. 😀

#5: Berlin, Germany I actually mean North Germany!

 photo Berlin_reichstag_CP_zpsd30d7189.jpg
Picture from here.

I went to South Germany about 4 years ago to visit Saskia (hello and meow ♥!!) during Christmas(! sigh. so beautiful) and omg the wine, the wine!
(You must be thinking that I am some kind of compulsive alcoholic by now. But, really. I drink more outside of Singapore because it is so damn expensive in Singapore to drink. Plus, wine in Europe is always so much better.)

Berlin is on this list because there is more stuff about the war up north, and most of the historical events happened there. Of course, it does help that travelling in North Germany is cheaper than travelling in South Germany. Of course, the wein, the wein.

Do you have a list of places you wish to visit? What’s on this list?

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4 Responses to The European Tour Lust List

  1. I would love to see the Aurora and stay in an igloo!

  2. We made a list years ago and visit it each time we plan a trip. It will take a lifetime to complete it. A lifetime of

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