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On Monday, I ended a beautiful yet painful long distance relationship. Le ex-Boyfriend was possibly the most gentle guy I had ever dated. BUT, it seems that the best is yet to be, and I could probably do better than him.

When heartbroken, I either:

1. Go shopping

2. Go on a holiday

While we were dating, Le ex-Boyfriend influenced me to spend less on clothes and other things I do not need. That is one thing I am grateful to him for. So the lady does not go shopping when heartbroken. (Though I still cannot give up buying gadgets!) It’s a little depressing to consider buying things I don’t need – especially when I am planning to add to my thin stack of educational certificates in September (SGD$6500!! More details later this year). Self-improvement courses can be quite expensive.

I was also planning a trip in September until… Things fell through.


So I’m going on a holiday to get my mind off this whole business. It’s easier now since I can travel whenever I want.
So there is this long weekend coming up in August and I bought tickets to Yangon on a whim. The damage to my bank account is worse than what a skirt at H&M can do, but I am sure I will come back with pictures and tales for this space.

Meanwhile, does anyone know where to stay in Yangon? I seem to have hit an information block when it comes to this. Also, with only 3.5 days in the country, should I consider going to Bagan?

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3 Responses to Yangon-bound!

  1. simplysuzu says:

    Do you have any budget limited for your stay? I don’t know much about the hotels, but some of my friends are always arranging accommodation and trips for the consultants, so they might know. But I’ll probably have to tell you that with the amount of visitors coming to the country lately, the rooms are a bit expensive these days. I hope I can be of a little help if not much.

    • Therese says:

      I have a room booked at New Aye Har hotel. it’s a little over my usual budget but I didn’t want to stay in a place where nothing works. Do you have any recommendations?

      • simplysuzu says:

        Hey, I just checked the hotel you mentioned, because I didn’t see the comment before. I have never come across that hotel and it’s mostly because I don’t live in that area, but it doesn’t look so bad.

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