Hablo Español. Well, un poco.

That was a rather long break. I apologise again. I was trying to finish the 101 things I had left hanging in favour of that event.

Besides work, I had life come at me at the same time. Including learning Spanish as my 4th language.

 photo IMG_20130605_211546_zpsbfe7dde3.jpg
My Spanish books. They make me feel like I have a long way to go when it comes to learning Spanish.

YQ is always inspiring me. This time, she is going to learn Spanish during her time in South America. I am currently in my first 10 classes of Spanish and I will certainly get more fluent when she returns in August after her RTW trip. I am going to sprout Spanish at her when she comes back.

What’s this, you might ask. This is Bilingual Summer!

I copied the steps directly from YQ’s page:

1. Pick a language
2. Set an intention to learn it
3. Create an immersive environment this summer full of movies, music, books and other media in that language. Reach out to native speakers on sites like LiveMocha.com for language exchanges. Find local resources. Be creative.
4. Do a little bit, at least, every day
5. Keep yourself motivated, by participating in our summer long language love-fest.

I have already picked a language to learn – it’s Spanish. I picked it because I realised it was important for me to be able to complain to communicate with Le Boyfriend’s parents since no hablan Ingles. Even if Le Boyfriend and I break up, I will be able to communicate in the 3 of the most commonly spoken languages in the world: English, Chinese and Spanish. It will be easier on me when I backpack anywhere around the world. I also speak Bahasa Indonesia. Languages are always useful for a backpacker.

It does not help that my tutor at Las Lilas, Monica, sprouts 80% Spanish in class. No revision, no comprendo! I have Spanish classes once a week.

To get an idea of my proficiency in Spanish, I can now form simple sentences in the present tense, and understand short descriptive paragraphs. In order to immerse myself in Spanish, I have doubled my revision efforts by revising my verbs on Duolingo. The website is not perfect – sometimes, things cannot translated from one language into another. But hey, it helps!

I am currently taking bets on whose Spanish will be better in August. Any bets?

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4 Responses to Hablo Español. Well, un poco.

  1. Maeva says:

    I bet you will do great because you are doing it for yourself dear 🙂

  2. Jac says:

    hello! I’m also coincidentally trying to pick up Spanish at this moment too. I’m a lot lazier and doing it via duolingo only at this moment though (you can add me! jac_theocctrav) =)

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