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Eat Your Kimchi. REALLY.

Kimchi is awesome.But that’s besides the point. You know what they say: Singapore is a food paradise. I will now confirm it – THIS IS TRUE! Do not leave without gaining 5 pounds in your first week here! Just kidding! … Continue reading

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Applying for the Burmese Tourist Visa.

My tourist visa for Myanmar! One thing I like about my status as a Singaporean citizen is my passport. It’s awesome – I don’t have to apply in advance for a tourist visa for most of the countries I visit. … Continue reading

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On Monday, I ended a beautiful yet painful long distance relationship. Le ex-Boyfriend was possibly the most gentle guy I had ever dated. BUT, it seems that the best is yet to be, and I could probably do better than … Continue reading

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Patata Tortilla

I think I am getting domesticated. Meow. This will be the second recipe I post here. While I was in Spain, I was addicted to the patata tortilla. It was my #1 bar food to get. A couple of weeks … Continue reading

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Hablo Español. Well, un poco.

That was a rather long break. I apologise again. I was trying to finish the 101 things I had left hanging in favour of that event.Besides work, I had life come at me at the same time. Including learning Spanish … Continue reading

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