Singapore’s Butterfly Park

A few weeks ago, I was invited to the Butterfly Park in Sentosa by the management of Butterfly Park. This was a work-related trip.

 photo 20130313_122312_zps9e9e18dc.jpg

My initial thoughts: “Butterfly PARK??” What can I see there?” It turns out that I was wrong.

I don’t think I was ever here as a kid. My parents were reluctant to pay the steep entrance fee so there are some places I have yet to go to on Sentosa.

After the management showed us the event space (which I was not too happy with),
Since we were guests of the management, we got a park guide to show us around.

 photo 20130313_112209_zps89bd0316.jpg
A half face shot of Fabian, our park guide, with a female butterfly on his finger. (I’m sorry, I forgot the breed of this butterfly)

According to Fabian, the average lifespan of an adult butterfly is around a month. During this month, they will flirt, mate and die.
Kinda depressing, now that I think about it.

Then I had a go at holding a butterfly:

 photo 20130313_113603_zps141e1a0f.jpg

I held this one more than once, and it ‘peed’ on me once. So, when butterflies first emerge from their cocoon, their body is still full of liquid. They cannot fly so they cling on any branch they can get their hooks onto. This liquid is expelled when the butterflies are alarmed.

 photo IMG-20130313-WA0003_zps0a19f303.jpg
Trying a different way to carry a butterfly.

 photo 20130313_112944_zps57a87858.jpg
A male butterfly of the same species.

 photo 20130313_112751_zps26b856b2.jpg
What butterflies consume.

 photo IMG-20130313-WA0001_zpsb8d847a4.jpg
The blue bird on the right on my colleague’s arm bit me twice. These birds are about 20 years old!!!

 photo IMG-20130313-WA0002_zpsa17e42fc.jpg
They also have a very heavy iguana. The tips on the top of their bodies can cut human skin easily!

Then we headed indoors into the dark cool bug museum. It smells a little but the things in there are quite fascinating, if you have Fabian there to explain stuff.
 photo 20130313_115916_zps593369ac.jpg
A not-so-old stick insect clinging to the inside of its habitat. The old ones are brown.

 photo 20130313_120427_zps898c4e92.jpg
Only the shiniest thing around. This beetle can carry things up to 50 times its weight! I held on to the beetle from its behind. It held on to the branch. Reverse koala bear?

Sentosa’s Butterfly Park is a great destination for families with young kids.
An adult ticket cost S$16 while a kid’s ticket cost S$10. A guided tour (highly recommended!) cost S$10/person.

The manager gave a corporate rate for the guided tour so please do ask the ticket counter if you are interested in the guided tour.

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