Permanently Packed for Peace of Mind

This woman has some awesome packing tips I could use!

Lady Light Travel

Trip preparation is stressful.  Dozens of last minute tasks clamor for attention.   In the rush to get things done, I always worried that I would forget something.  Fortunately, I learned a sweet trick to reduce my stress.  I learned to permanently pre-pack my suitcase.

A permanently packed bag sounds a little crazy.  But I realized that I was packing the same sort of things on every trip.  I was taking the same electronics, the same toiletries, the same travel towel, the same travel comfort pack.  The only thing that changed was the clothing.   I decided that I could save myself a lot of stress (and time) by packing everything but the clothes ahead of time.  This also left my carry-on bag staged in case I needed to make a quick emergency trip.  Double win!

There is a slight initial cost involved with pre-packing.  You will need to buy items dedicated for…

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