Minding Cultures and Sensitivities

Video Synopsis: An aspiring English tutor, Mr Jeremy Brown, finds himself saddled with students from many countries. Pronunciation errors, cultural misunderstandings and mini political clashes occur between the students in the class. This video is set in the 1970s and was taken off air because some guy thought the stereotyping was offensive.

This video was shown during one of my phonetic classes and I found this relevant to my travel stints. When travelling to a new country, I have to be mindful of their customs and quirks so I do not offend anybody or get irritated by their ‘tardiness’ when it is their culture to do something a certain way. This video highlights the need to be mindful of another person’s cultural sensitivities and to be multicultural.

My favourite character has to be the Sikh, Ranjeet Singh, with his ‘thousand apologies’, Since I am currently learning Spanish, I have picked up ‘por favore?’ from Juan Cervantes in the sitcom. Score for the learning Spanish column!

Even if you do not travel (why not?), this sitcom provides laughs on a rainy day.

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