The Chapel on the Biscay Coast.

Some time between the 4th and 5th day in Spain, I came down with a cold. I think it was the sudden drop in temperature that got me. Le Boyfriend is used to the weather, so he just finds it ‘refreshing’. I blame it on my tropical upbringing.

Nevertheless, I trudged on the best as I could. No illness will make me waste my precious week. I even climbed the 230+ steps to Gaztelugatxeko Doniene. 230+ steps one-way.

 photo San_juan_de_gaztelugatxe_zps537dd55c.jpg
The road to the Gaztelugatxe, in summer. Reposted from the Wikipedia page for your viewing pleasure.

Besides being a Catholic monument, the Gaztelugatxe is also the Basque Country’s equivalent of Botanic Gardens or Fort Canning in Singapore – engaged couples go there to get their bridal pictures taken. It is also a very romantic walk for couples. *shy*

 photo P1010855_zps9a8de0f1.jpg
The Gaztelugatxeko Doniene(in Euskara) or San Juan de Gaztelugatxe (Spanish). When I took this picture, I wondered if I could make it at all. It looked very far away.

The Gaztelugatxeko Doniene is a 10th century hermitage dedicated to St John the Baptist. There are 14 crosses along the way to the top. It reminds me of the Stations of the Cross, since there are also 14 Stations of the Cross. Maybe pilgrims did pause at each cross to meditate. We paused at each cross so I could catch my breath. I would have enjoyed the view more if I wasn’t feeling like crap. Nevertheless, here are some pictures.

 photo P1010848_zpse1e84f3a.jpg
The 6th cross. And the water crashing against the stones.

 photo P1010850_zps4ebc6328.jpg
Where the water has made a hole in the cliff to the other side.

After much groaning from my end, we reached the hermitage. And the 14th cross.

 photo P1010841_zpsf32c7c44.jpg
Oh, blessed sight!

There was a little chapel and a little house at the top of this cliff.

 photo P1010838_zpsa0204802.jpg
Le Boyfriend. And my bag.

After getting to the top, visitors were apparently supposed to ring the bell of the chapel 3 times and make a wish. We didn’t know. But Le Boyfriend rang it a couple of times, but didn’t make any wish. I learnt about the ringing bell part after I got back to Singapore. I guess this means I should study more before a trip.

 photo P1010842_zps87f9a5b7.jpg

A word of warning: there is no toilet at the top of this cliff. There is only a hole in some wall which serves as a ‘toilet’. The hole empties directly into the sea. i.e: standing room only. So, do all businesses in the blue portable toilet before the ascent.

What goes up must come down.
We had to go back to the car. Snow was starting to fall.

 photo P1010845_zps51a6f8ae.jpg
I… can… do this. *grunt* But, so gorgeous.

We managed to get back to a nearby eating establishment before we froze.
I was craving some hot chocolate and warmth.

The Gaztelugatxeko Doniene (click here for map!) is located along the Biscay Coast.

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