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Permanently Packed for Peace of Mind

Originally posted on Lady Light Travel:
Trip preparation is stressful.  Dozens of last minute tasks clamor for attention.   In the rush to get things done, I always worried that I would forget something.  Fortunately, I learned a sweet trick to reduce…

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My Return to Indonesia?

In 2009, I was an exchange student at the Universitas Gajah Mada – only the top university in Indonesia. (Yes yes, whatever you Universitas Indonesia people say…) One evening, a friend took me to the Tugu Jogja monument in the … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why Travelling Solo in India is Not So Scary!

India is a country I would love to revisit (not with a tour group) and this post gives me hope and courage! The Shooting Star I remember the first time I took a train by myself from my small hometown … Continue reading

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Minding Cultures and Sensitivities

Video Synopsis: An aspiring English tutor, Mr Jeremy Brown, finds himself saddled with students from many countries. Pronunciation errors, cultural misunderstandings and mini political clashes occur between the students in the class. This video is set in the 1970s and … Continue reading

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The Chapel on the Biscay Coast.

Some time between the 4th and 5th day in Spain, I came down with a cold. I think it was the sudden drop in temperature that got me. Le Boyfriend is used to the weather, so he just finds it … Continue reading

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Cider House Rules.

One evening in San Sebastian, Le Boyfriend asked me if I was okay with hanging out with his friends at a cider house. Cider? I love cider!It was a resounding yes from me. I never turn down alcohol unless it … Continue reading

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