The Castle of St Francisco Javier.

So Le Boyfriend drove his car along the winding mountain trails of Navarre. And I would be car sick often if I did not have a piece of gum in my mouth because the suspension of his car was gone. Kaput. Some freak hail storm did his car in a couple of weeks before my visit, and the workshop did shoddy work repairing it. I am still amazed it did not break down on some random highway en route to somewhere remote because we drove long distances during that week. It broke down again 3 weeks after I left Spain. It is a 10+ year old Volkswagen, with an estimated value of €500-600. Those German cars are really tough. Present tense – because the car survived the ordeals its mad owner (Le Boyfriend drives like a monster) put it through.

He knows I am religious, so his itinerary for my week there had quite a few Catholic monuments. Plus, he says these are places he should have visited a long time ago, as a local of Spanish Basque Country.

The castle of St Francis Xavier‘s mother’s family. Or better known as St Francisco Javier in those parts.

Yes, a castle. The guy’s royalty.

Note to self: Signs are not always accurate. This picture was taken at 4pm, +1 GMT, and we left because we thought it was closed for the day. It turns out that the castle was open when we were first there! (Please see the pamphlet below for the accurate opening hours.) *smacks forehead*

The church beside the castle, built in 1901.

This is a relatively small castle. I was able to finish walking through the castle within 3 hours.

This is the 2nd floor of the exhibits. Visitors are able to go to the top of the castle, which offered a fantastic view.

 photo P1010767_zps548f0be2.jpg
I did not know St Francis Xavier and St Ignatius of Loyola were related.

A miniature of the castle.

What drew my interest was the chronicles of St Francis Xavier in Asia. These paintings were gifts from the rulers of the various places in Asia he visited.

 photo P1010771_zpse0854117.jpg
The saint in Japan, preaching to the masses.

 photo P1010772_zps919c9039.jpg
Jesus portrayed as Asian, complete with Asian-y eyes.

 photo P1010773_zpse8936aa6.jpg
Mary and Jesus, Asianified.

 photo P1010775_zps56bb1bb5.jpg<
This is something very Chinese, and it was strange to see this alone without his friends. This is a set of three statues. I hope the other two weren’t smashed in some accident.

The castle is part of an unofficial Camino de Santiago route leading to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. This journey, incidentally, is on my bucket list. I hope I get to do it before I am old and wrinkled.

Below is a scanned copy of the pamphlet from the castle. I hope this explains the place better than I did. (Picture below is a link to the pdf file – it makes a better reading experience, really.)

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