My round-the-world 2013 route

YQ goes on a round-the-world trip! Will she shave her head?

YQ travelling

It’s rather strange being at home on a Wednesday afternoon, typing at my computer…

Oh ya, I am unemployed now. Anyway, I have a whole lot of things to pack in my room and should spend less time on the computer. (I’m only getting started with “things on the floor”. I’ve only managed 15 tiles and it seems that I’ve dug out more things than I’ve tossed.)

Anyway, not to bore you with my packing, I’ll share with you the route of my round-the-world trip (while I procrastinate packing).

My concrete route for now is:

Malaysia -> Sri Lanka -> Dubai-> [Stopping by Jordan and Egypt on a cruise ship] -> Italy -> Greece -> Turkey -> South America (most likely Argentina, Bolivia, Peru) -> El Salvador -> Hong Kong

While there are other places in the world which I want to go, not all of them are on the…

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3 Responses to My round-the-world 2013 route

  1. yqtravelling says:

    LOL! My mom forbids my head shaving wish. But we’ll never know what happens on the road. 😉

    • Therese says:

      Just shave right after you set off. It’ll grow back during the trip and she won’t know any better. When asked, just say you got a cheap haircut somewhere and the hairdresser didn’t know her shit. 😀

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