Camden Town, LDN.

So I have unpacked and mourned the passing of my holiday. The doctor has suggested (quite strongly, since he gave me 2 days off work) that I should rest at home. I have been sleeping crazy hours for 2 weeks. If anyone has tips on beating the jetlag, please let me know!


Camden Town. A bustling town of artists and immigrants. It was here that I saw the highest concentration of immigrants in London.

One reason that people go to Camden Town is the shopping. It is here that you can see stuff that are not of the general store varieties. If you’re not into Topshop, Accessorize or any of the mainstream clothes stores from London, Camden Town is for you.

Others just go to Camden Town to gawk at everyone else. I kinda did. Until the cousin said it was uncool to stare. Oops.

**Tip: if you’re Chinese and speak fluent Mandarin (with a relatively good accent), try the language on the Chinese shopkeepers you see. If you manage pull it off, they will give you an automatic ‘Chinese’ discount – after you reassure them that you’re from China, like them.

I managed to get a £6 discount on a sweater (down from £18) and a £5 discount on a phone cover for my Galaxy S3. And it seemed that they gave me the best prices for the items – cheapo me tried to bargain further.

**Weather tip: if you’re visiting Camden Town in winter, wear a thick coat (even though it’s not THAT cold). Being outdoors for a long period of time can get really taxing.

Camden Town is located in north London, in zone 2 of the Northern Line.


Dramatic store front in Camden Town. Talk about Asian pride.

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