Flying with Emirates


I thought Singapore was a real melting pot of people. Until I came to Dubai.

The airport at Dubai, rather. I was en route to Madrid; I’m flying with Emirates.

Edit:There is only one airline in this airport: Emirates. A couple of other airlines fly here besides Emirates. I saw a Cathay Pacific plane. I studied the route map of Emirates: their location is very ideal as they are in the centre of the world map, between Europe and Asia. They straddle both worlds very well.

This airport has stuff and staff from around the world. Filipinos, Chinese, South African… You name it, they probably have a member of the staff from that country.

I don’t usually do reviews on airlines but i think Emirates deserves a mention because of the following reasons:

1). I always wanted to fly Emirates after constantly admiring their air stewardesses while volunteering at the airport as a student. They are usually drop dead gorgeous.

2). I love the uniform of the air stewardess. They went through about 3 uniform changes during the flight, which amused me.

3). Emirates hires shapely air stewardesses. They’re all curvy. Which is awesome after seeing skinny air stewardesses in Singapore Air. That said, avoid sitting in aisle seats while traveling with Emirates because I sat at the aisle and got bumped by hips constantly. That woke me up. Each time.

4). 30kg check in bag allowance.
‘Nuff said.

5). Most importantly, if you’re flying with Emirates and have a connecting flight, expect your first flight to be at least 30 minutes late and there’s a security clearance queue to beat at the Dubai Airport. Schedule your flights to be about 2 hours apart to be safe.

6). Free wifi (none of that log in nonsense) at the Dubai Airport.

Overall, pretty awesome. The flight staff didn’t even hard sell duty free goods during the flight.

I would fly Emirates again. If the schedules suited mine.

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