Yes, I am going to Europe – next month.

This all began in mid 2012 when my cousin asked me to go hang out with her in London for Easter 2013. That was her 5th (6th?) trip to Singapore. Granted – she has family here and therefore she has more reason to visit Singapore. But I dote on that girl. So I began planning for a trip to Europe last year.

My first trip to London was in 2005 with my mum (who hated every moment while she was there). I didn’t plan properly so I didn’t see much of the city. But the Science Museum was something awesome.

Last week, my cousin sent me a message to ask if I could come mid-February instead. To-be lawyers have crazy schedules. Since I can, so I will. One of my weaknesses: my cousin Allegra. So I bought tickets on Emirates bound for Europe.

I thought I was just going to spend 2 weeks in the motherland (Singapore was a colony of the United Kingdom before 1963), but somehow (between Gyeongju and Busan in South Korea) Spain got included in these plans. So now, I am going to be in UK and Spain for 2 weeks.

I have rough travel plans for Spain and UK set out but a question came back to bug me.

“How do I look fantastic travelling around Europe during winter? What kind of shoes should I get – something comfortable, warm & pretty?”

I have a pair of mid-length boots with heels that I bought in Taiwan a couple of years ago. But since this is not a tour bus kind of trip, I won’t be able to wear heels.

Daphne Maia (true to her addiction), suggested that I buy winter boots from I took a look, but they didn’t seem to have shoes in my size. I’m a giant in South Korea – I wear shoes of size 255-260 (actually, a US 8.5-9: depending on the cut of the shoe). Most shops only carry shoes from size 230-250.

However, I admit being tempted by this. I didn’t buy it because:
1). The soles doesn’t look very skid-proof.
2). They are HEELS. I need flats.

I was back to Square 1.

Singapore is very nice to live in. We have two seasons in a year – “hot and wet” or “not-so-hot and wet”. One wardrobe can last me for years. What is a winter wardrobe? Never heard of it; don’t need one.
But when I plan for a trip in a temperate country which happens to be having winter, I have problems with shoes and clothes. What do I wear? I actually hate looking like crap in a foreign country. People living in Europe can be quite fashionable.

I was scrolling through my twitter feed when I saw that Karen the Boggs ambassador will be giving away a pair of Boggs!
So I thought, “AH HA. Why not just buy something from Boggs and ship it to my Borderlinx suite in the US?”

I saw this:


… And groaned. It’s a good US$225+ (shipping etc) bucks. It’s a good pair of boots – perfect for my practical and aesthetic needs BUT US$225????

So now, what should I do? Should I wear my pair of mid-length boots with heels and hope to get a decent pair of winter boots in Spain? Some advice would be much appreciated!

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