How to beat AirAsia’s b***s**t extra charges

AirAsia has a lot of s^&%t hidden costs. I hate hidden costs. Read this! Stop giving AirAsia so much money.

YQ travelling

AirAsia revamped its Web site in November, changing all of booking pages. This is a refreshed version of the original “How to beat AirAsia’s b***s**t extra charges” with new screencaps and new step-by-step instructions.

Update: Feb 23, 2014. I’ve shifted some of the steps because AirAsia changed their sequence.

Update: Jan 13, 2013. Changing publishing date so the post will be higher up, ready for this round of Free Seats.

AirAsia has revamped its whole Web site. Good news is, some of the sneaky charges in the previous booking procedure have been taken out.

However, there might be still some confusion with the booking, I’m doing up a new version of the guide too.

For this money saving activity, you will need

  • Internet connection
  • Browser
  • Direct debit e-payment method (save RM4 per journey)

I am using a return flight from Singapore to Kota Kinabalu as an example. Please…

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2 Responses to How to beat AirAsia’s b***s**t extra charges

  1. JN says:

    Didnt read this post earlier, feel so cheated now.

    • Therese says:

      Those budget airlines ah…
      These days, you can get a full service flight with a little more money. Check full service flights as well. I use so it’s easier to keep tabs on flight prices. 🙂

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